Client Stories

My Name Is Lee

Lee came to us as a referral from a prison in North Carolina. When he first walked in the door he was eager to learn and ready to do something different … Lee is tall, athletic, and you can tell in another set of circumstances, he might have been a serious competitive athlete. For many, his stature could be intimidating, but if you spend 30 seconds talking to him you can see and hear the love of Jesus radiating from him!

Frequently when Lee shares his story with others, he mentions, “as a child, my mother taught me about the Lord from an early age, but as I got older, I went my own way and I thought I would just serve God later, because I had things I wanted to do myself now. I was on a path to destruction, as I got older I abused alcohol and got into drugs and hurt a lot of people. I had so much anger and I didn’t have much regard for myself or others. So much that it led me to brushes with the law. I was convicted of assault and drug charges that would send me to prison.  Even in the middle of that I remembered the things my mother had taught me and God used her to begin to change me.”

It gets much better because the story changes. As he continues to talk, you begin to hear an overarching theme of redemption and restoration in his story.

“God was dealing with me the entire time. After the conviction, I knew I would face time in prison. Before I set foot in prison I began to ask Jesus to change me- and now as I reflect I see His power in the middle of [my brokenness]- His power to save and give me the ability to do things I thought I could never do! I will never go back to my old life because God has changed me. I’m just so glad the mission was there for me as I was leaving prison, because it gave me a place to belong and a place to serve God and others who are hurting, and in similar situations as I was. The mission is a blessing because it gave me a place to be a blessing!”

It is so exciting to hear things like that from men and women who have been in desperate, dark times; to see them overcome odds- and to see God giving wisdom and courage in the face of despair.

My Name Is Lynn

I arrived at the Good Neighbor House on a Wednesday. Immediately I felt a calm and peace.  For the first time in a long time I slept all night.

I have learned there are very caring people here. Also, we have classes and I’m beginning to get closer to God. Before, I tried to accomplish everything on my own.  Now I know that with God I can take each day at a time.

The Mission has helped me by teaching me how to read the Bible and understand it more deeply. My dream is to be responsible and let God number one in my life.  With His help I can move on and take on everything that I face.

My name is Melissa

Before I came to the Good Neighbor House I lived on the streets.  I used drugs and drank alcohol.  I stole to support my habit.

One night, God spoke to me and told me it was time to walk away and start over. My journey led me to the Good Neighbor House, where I renew my relationship with God on a daily basis.

I have a handle on my medication now. I don’t steal anymore. I don’t use drugs or drink alcohol.  I will return to society. However, when I return I will be strong in my faith, remain clean and sober.  My walk will be as strong as my talk.