May 2017 Newsletter

Remembering Those In Need All Year Long

It’s Summertime time and we’re enjoying the warm weather! Perhaps you are heading out to enjoy a baseball game, or maybe you’re heading off to the beach or the mountains or a long family vacation. I know I’m looking forward to one of my favorite things about summer: hanging out on my patio and grilling all kinds of meats! However you’re spending your time this summer, I hope you’ll remember our clients in prayer.

As much as I love this time of year, it also marks a low point at the mission. As temperatures go up giving goes down.

Historically, giving is lower this time of year, but this year it has dipped a bit lower than expected, and contrary to what is expected by many, our numbers often go up during certain periods in the the hot months. This happens for two main reasons: people cannot live outside in the extreme heat, so they seek shelter, and landlords are more likely to evict people when it’s warm.

We think of the men in the New Life Program, and the ladies who will be coming in toward the end of the summer when we reopen our women and children’s house. We pray for them even now before we know who they are, that they will be led on the right path.

A Miracle Happened

Just a few days ago we heard from Sheldon, who was in the program last year. He called us, so excited to tell us he has reunited with his wife and family! He had this to say:

“This is a miracle that would not have been possible without the Lord working through Smithfield Rescue Mission! I can’t thank you enough for the help you gave me and the time you spent to help change my life. The time I spent working on myself and letting God work on me was transforming for me. Thank you for giving me a chance when no one else would.”

It’s calls like this that leave us encouraged, knowing what we do is changing lives even when we can’t quite see it yet.

We are in need of financial help from you to catch up with the need that is so vast in our area, and to help build hope in hearts that are in dark places. The problems are more complex than ever, and we need your help in a BIG way as we continue to receive calls for people in desperate need of help and hope.

We don’t want to have to cut vital programming for people in dire need of a touch from God. Will you stand with us and help us by sending a generous tax-deductible gift so we can catch up with the needs surrounding us in our community? Would you consider giving 50% more than you normally would at this time? Could you even double your gift? If you could, your sacrificial gift would help our clients immensely as well as those who are on their way and need us so desperately at this time!

May the Lord bless you for your life saving gift,

Ben Olsen
Executive Director