February 2017 Newsletter

The impact of your giving

Bennie’s story is a bit different than most who come through our doors. Bennie is a believer whose parents love and care deeply for him, and he hadn’t “burned bridges” to his children. Perhaps most surprising is that Bennie is a certified substance abuse counselor who went through a relapse.

The sad fact is, the odds of relapse are pretty high in those who have addictions, no matter their background. To us at the mission, an even sadder fact is how many people feel utterly alone when they relapse, and have nowhere, and no one, to turn to.

“I was a substance abuse counselor, but in my mind, who would listen to an addiction counselor who relapsed? I had everything I needed to overcome my problems, and yet I still failed,” Bennie said.

“When I came to the mission, I found a Christ-centered program that was a lot of what I neglected while I was ‘out there.’ I received encouragement and accountability. But the main thing was that I had an atmosphere that was encouraging and helped me make  my relationship with God the priority in my recovery.”

When we first heard Bennie’s story, we thought to ourselves, join the club! We’re all failures; but failures Jesus has redeemed. This is what the Good News of the Gospel is all about! You’re NOT alone, and God will NOT leave you in your failure.

Our chapels, classes, and Bible studies are not just studies, but they are for life application. In other words, people can study the Bible and pray often, but what will we DO with those things? We believe God’s Word won’t steer us wrong or leave us in need of answers. Rather, it will share the power of the mind of Christ, and help us truly overcome! Yes, odds are those who overcome addictions are likely to relapse at some point. But relapse is not final, and if someone relapses and Christ is theirs, they are not alone. He is merciful and He will rescue!

We are overjoyed to give more hope to people like Bennie, and people from all walks of life!

Your gifts in 2016 made it possible for Bennie to have a warm place to sleep, nutritious meals, and clothing. Perhaps more importantly, you helped give him a time and a place to get help spiritually and emotionally.

Thanks to caring, generous people like you, we will continue opening our hearts to hundreds more this year in our shelter and in our outreach, and we will provide thousands more nights of shelter and tens of thousands more meals!

A hot nutritious meal and a warm place to sleep will be the beginning of life transformation for someone today! Thank you for your kindness to people like Bennie through your prayers and gifts!


Ben Olsen
Executive Director