Holiday 2016 Newsletter

Dear friend,

Last winter I was about to leave for work when I realized I couldn’t find my coat. I looked high and low, in all the usual places, and then in all the places I didn’t think it would be. I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I was already running late, so I decided to go to work without my coat, and brave the cold. I remember it was a bitter cold morning, and I was halfway to work before my car started to feel warm. My fingers were like ice, and for the rest of the day it felt like the cold had seeped into my bones.

During my drive to work I kept thinking of all the people who were living outside or in their car in the cold, many of them without even a coat.

When you give, these lives are changed.

You can make sure people like Jason and others are not hungry or hurting this Christmas.

Jason shared, “I thought I could handle being homeless because I started out in the summer; but then winter hit. I could NEVER get warm. Some nights, I even slept in the bottom of dumpsters with newspapers for blankets. It was then that I came to Smithfield Rescue Mission.”

Mitch told us, “The fear of sleeping in my car at night was the worst. Every sound made me jump. I really didn’t sleep and I was always hungry.”

These stories are just a few among many that we hear from those who are hurting, homeless and hungry…and with your support we can make a difference.

Your generous gift provides food boxes, shelter, Christ-centered addiction recovery, and so much more throughout the Christmas season and the whole year.

You’re giving real hope to people in real need. With your support and God’s love, every family carrying pain or loss. . . every man or woman who comes to us broken and hungry. . .will have a chance to start over.

Jason, Mitch, and others depend upon caring people like you. Your willingness to send a gift will feed and provide services for many hungry and homeless people this Christmas season.

This Christmas you can also give hope to the homeless by sending a special Christmas ornament along with your gift. Please write a note of encouragement or a prayer on the enclosed ornament and return it with your gift. As we decorate our tree, your ornament will give a hurting person hope this Christmas.

Please send your Christmas ornament and gift today.

Thank you and God bless you for helping the hungry and homeless like Jason and Mitch!

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas,

Ben Olsen

Executive Director

P. S. Because of your support, you will provide food boxes, shelter and so much more this Christmas season. Please send your ornament and gift today.