May 2016 Newsletter

An opportunity to help more people than ever

Over the next few months you’ll be receiving information about an exciting opportunity we’re launching that will enable us to help more people and expand our services! As the community grows, so has the need for the  emergency shelter and long-term program offered at the mission. There are more people in need, in more ways than ever before. We’re excited to share with you how we plan to help a greater number of people!

Right now summer is coming and beach weather is here, but at the mission we are always thinking a few months ahead on the calendar. Each year, the warm months bring a slump in giving. We need you. Will you consider giving generously this summer, so we don’t face a dip in giving, and can continue helping folks in need?

Your gifts have helped so many people this year already. We have seen more men this year than last go through our program, and move into new housing, armed with the chance of a new beginning. A garden that was built by volunteers is now flourishing as the men tend to it, and the seeds of hope, planted in the hearts of many, are bearing fruit. Your prayers and support helps make all these things possible, and gives each of these people a safe place to grow and change!

Common misconceptions about the homeless

As a ministry that raises money to fund its work, a lot of our job entails telling people about the mission, and about the people we help. Sometimes this means explaining why some of the most common misconceptions about the homeless are just that—misconceptions.

Misconception 1. All homeless are panhandlers, and all panhandlers are homeless.

We’re often asked about the best way to help people who are standing by the side of the road, or approach you, asking for money. We never discourage people from helping in some way like buying food for the person(s) if they feel led to do so, but we also suggest they direct this person to a mission like ours.

What we also want people to understand is that the vast majority of homeless people never panhandle and in fact, some (but not all) people who panhandle are not homeless.

Misconception 2. All they need is a job, a car, and a home to fix all their problems.

The truth is, the problems are often much deeper than a simple lack of resources. Even if every person who comes to the mission was given these things, many still need help to overcome the root causes of their homelessness.

Part of the New Life Program offered at the mission is equipping our clients so that when they acquire these things, they are able to maintain them, and live a life of stability. We are committed to providing more hope for more people in Jesus’ name!