December 2014 Newsletter


A crackling fire, a cup of hot cider, a tall Christmas tree, lights all over the house—however you get in the spirit of the season, we hope it is a blessed time for you.

Emmanuel, God with us! This is the reminder that the Christmas season brings. This indeed has been another year of God being with us in extraordinary ways, touching many lives through the mission.

As I write this, we’re experiencing a small break from the cold, but we know that North Carolina’s weather is always unpredictable. A few days from now the cold will return, and our emergency shelter will be ready to welcome as many men, women, and children as we can. Our hearts break that so many are in need of shelter, but we’re thankful for the opportunity to provide hospitality to “the least of these” (Matthew 25:40).

This time of year we’re especially mindful of a family more than 2000 years ago who had nowhere to sleep. Mary and Joseph were far from home when they travelled to Bethlehem, and many people throughout Eastern NC are looking for a place to call home each night.

We think of a guest Sebastian, who was with us in our emergency shelter recently and had this to say:

“The mission was what I needed when I needed it! I heard the guys on staff saying that about Jesus, that he’s what you need when you need it.”

It is such a blessing to be here for men like Sebastian, and those at our facility for women and children across town. We thank you for your partnership in keeping the doors open for those who so desperately need our services. You are the hands and feet of Jesus when they need Him!


Ben Olsen

Associate Director